Recommended Books

A List of My Favorite Books

Murry-Slutsky and Paris, B.
Is It Sensory or Is it Behavior?
This book helps analyze if sensory issues are at the root cause of various challenging behaviors. Intervention strategies are comprehensive, inclusive of laminated cards.

Oetter, P and Richter, E, and Frick S.
M.O.R.E.: Integrating the Mouth with Sensory and Postural Functions
MORE is an acronym for Motor components, Oral organization, Respiratory demands, and Eye control, and this book focuses on theoretical framework as well as specific use of oral motor toys and activities for sensory/postural and speech/language functions.

Dunn, W.
Living Sensationally: Understanding Your Senses
“Living Sensationally” explains how people’s individual sensory patterns affect the way we react to everything that happens to us throughout the day.

Frick, S. and Hacker, C.
Listening With the Whole Body
This is a detailed and comprehensive book about the sound-based program of Therapeutic Listening, most beneficial to therapists trained in Therapeutic Listening.

Grandin, Temple.
Thinking In Pictures
Temple Grandin’s first-hand account of life as a scientist and a person with autism, with particular emphasis on sensory challenges and visual thinking.

Thompson, S.
The Source for Non-Verbal Learning Disorders
This resource is filled with information about NVLD.

Louv, R.
Last Child In the Woods
This book introduces us to nature-deficit disorder, given the disconnect between children and nature.

Louv, R.
The Nature Principle: Human Restoration and The End of Nature Deficit Disorder
Research, evidence, and personal stories about how the disconnect with nature is impacting the lives of adults, and how we can change that.

Greenspan, S., Greenspan, Nancy Thorndike
The Learning Tree: Overcoming Learning Disabilities From the Ground Up
Rather than looking just at symptoms, this book describes how to discover the missing developmental skills that cause the symptoms.

Greenspan, J.
Overcoming ADHD: Helping Your Child Become Calm, Engaged and Focused-Without A Pill
Greenspan steers us away from just labeling and treating symptoms with a pill, rather focusing on underlying causes and supporting with self-regulatory supports.

Trott, Maryann Colby, Marci Laurel and Susan Windeck
SenseAbilities: Understanding sensory integration
A 69-page booklet that uses case examples to help families and teachers understand SPD; includes suggestions for adapting playground equipment, bedtime, clothes, communication, and travel. Sold in packages of five booklets with one set of unbound pages.

Henry, Diana
Tools for Teachers
Explains the impact of sensory processing problems in the classroom and illustrates how to adapt the school environment to help students with hyperactivity, distractibility, and sensory motor delays, including poor handwriting; shows how movement and sensory experiences are vital for learning.

Henry, Diana
Tools for Parents: Sensory Integration in the Home
Explains the impact of sensory processing problems at home, and illustrates how to adapt the home environment to help children with sensory processing challenges.

Kranowitz, Carol Stock
101 Activities for Kids in Tight Spaces
Activities for the doctor’s office, on car, train, and plane trips, home sick in bed.

Kranowitz, Carol Stock
The Goodenoughs Get in Sync
A delightfully illustrated “chapter book” for eight- to twelve-year-olds that tells a charming story about five family members who each have a different sensory processing challenge and their naughty dog and how they get in sync after a tough day. Winner of the iParenting Media Award and a finalist for ForeWord magazine’s Book of the Year in Children’s Nonfiction.

Kranowitz, Carol Stock
The Out-Of-Sync Child Has Fun: Activities for Kids With Sensory Integration Dysfunction
A companion to The Out-of-Sync Child: Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Integration Dysfunction; presents activities that parents and kids with SPD can do at home.

Renke, Laurie
I Like Birthdays . . . It’s the parties I’m not sure about!
Written from a child’s perspective, this book describes what it is like living with a Sensory Processing Disorder; helps others to understand why some events can be disastrous for children with SPD.

Kashman, Nancy and Janet Mora
The Sensory Connection
An OT and SLP team approach to treating sensory and communication disorders.

Heller, Sharon
Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Fast, Too Tight: What to Do If You Are Sensory Defensive in an Overstimulating World
An overview of sensory defensiveness and an examination of treatment options, including diet, medication, and relaxation techniques. Appendices list alternative treatments and resources.

Smith, Barbara
From Rattles to Writing
This groundbreaking guide (written by an occupational therapist) describes the songs, games, toys, activities, and adaptations that help children develop the visual-perceptual skills needed to read and the eye-hand coordination to write.

Miller, Lucy J.
Sensational Kids: Hope and Help for Children With Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)
In Sensational Kids Revised Edition, Dr. Miller shares her more than forty years of experience and research on SPD. Co-authored by Janice Roetenberg, Sensational Kids is written for a broad audience—from parents and educators to clinicians—and includes new material for parents, teachers, and others who care for kids with SPD.

Williams, M and Sherry Shellenberger
Introduction and guide to teaching independent self-regulation to children, inclusive of worksheets, charts, and pictures

Rowan, C.
Virtual Child – The Terrifying Truth About What Technology is Doing to Children
Virtual Child offers parents, health and education professional’s innovative tools and techniques to enhance child development and academic performance, while managing balanced use of technology.