Evaluation Services

What evaluation services are available at the Studio?

Clay-TrayOccupational Therapy Evaluation at the Studio involves assessing both input skills and output skills in the following areas:

  • Sensory processing (sensory integration)
  • Body foundations (postural control, core strength, muscle tone)
  • Motor planning (gross-motor and bilateral integration)
  • Visual processing (visual perception, visual spatial, visual memory, ocular-motor skills)
  • Fine-motor development (bilateral, unilateral, hand development, manipulative skills)
  • Visual-motor development (drawing, pre-writing, handwriting)
  • Self-regulatory Skill (attention, activity level, frustration tolerance, impulse control, organization, social-emotional interactions)

Occupational Therapy Assessment at The Studio ranges from simple screenings/parent meetings, to comprehensive Occupational Therapy evaluations. Informal measures may include developmental scales, clinical observations, and parent/teacher questionnaires. A comprehensive occupational therapy evaluation includes the above in addition to administration of appropriately selected standardized tests. Occupational Therapy evaluation at the Studio aims to support parents in better understanding a child’s developmental/learning profile, as well as if and how any underlying processing abilities impact adaptive functioning.