Our son’s erratic behavior had us scratching our heads. At the age of 8, a therapist suggested we meet Holly. After one session, she started explaining to us how his behavior was linked to his sensory system. She not only helped our son cope with his sensitivities but she also helped us understand why he acted the way he did in certain situations. She made suggestions that help him at home and at school. Holly is patient and thoughtful. She advocates for the children she sees. I would recommend her to anyone looking for help and answers for a child struggling to ‘keep it together’.


Our son was already seven and a half by the time we realized OT would help him. Within months of working with Holly, he was riding a bike, skiing, and maybe most importantly, he was able to participate in school in a manner more expected because he was much more comfortable in his own body. We both cried the day he “graduated” from the Studio. Not just because we would miss the fun Holly brought to Tuesday afternoons, but also for the support and love she showered on all of us as a family.


To say we feel fortunate to have found Holly would be a vast understatement. Our daughter has been working with Holly for two years, and she has become in invaluable resource and insight for us as we have navigated the sometimes tricky world of Sensory Processing Disorders. Through it all she has supported both our daughter and us as parents, and often times we can think to ourselves “what would Holly say?” and solve a problem. She has a way with children that is truly a gift. I would recommend Holly to anyone in need of OT services.


Holly is an extraordinary person and professional. She has been working with our son for 11 years and we have seen significant growth and improvement with Holly’s interaction. Holly’s ability to connect and communicate with children is remarkable. She makes the learning fun and enjoyable. My son loves his sessions with Holly! We are so fortunate to have her in our lives, Holly is truly a gift.


Holly has been an amazing resource and a light in our son’s life. He loves coming to see Holly and considers his visits as play time. We’ve been working with Holly for two years and she is such a valuable resource and sounding board for any questions or concerns we might have. We’re so thankful to have found her!


Maddie has been working with Holly for six years – since she was three! She has provided Maddie with nothing but support, love, and affection over the years. She has helped Maddie understand her own sensory profile, her learning style, and how to “run her body engine.” With the information and tools that Holly has shared, Maddie is able to get through her days happily and successfully. Holly has not only helped Maddie learn so much about herself, she has also helped our whole family understand SPD and how we can support Maddie. Holly is a treasured friend – we are forever grateful to have her in our life.


Our daughter cannot get enough when she visits Holly. She just loves her sessions and is always wanting friends with her to experience the fun. She doesn’t even think of it as anything more than playing. The tools that Holly has given our daughter have been so wonderful and it is fabulous to see her blossom as she utilizes the things Holly has taught. As a parent she has taught me so much as her interactions with our child are priceless. Thank you Holly for all that you have done! We are so fortunate to have you in our lives.


You are an amazing therapist and mentor and I am grateful for the privilege to have worked with you. You are a gifted clinician who has mastered the art and science of Occupational Therapy. Your extensive knowledge, creativity and uniquely individualized treatment programs are what make your practice at the Studio stand out!

Ann Leslie

Holly was not only my supervisor and co-worker for several years, but best of all, she has been my friend for all of her 37 years in the field of Pediatric OT. Time and space does not allow me to list all the benefits of having her in my life. Any parent can be assured that the experience and knowledge of Holly’s many years of education and service with children, will undoubtedly be the best advantage any parent could impart to their child.

Ann Marie

You are awesome in what you do. Thank you for all you do for your community.


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