About Me

Child-DrawingI am a highly experienced pediatric occupational therapist registered nationally and licensed in the state of MA. I have worked in many capacities and positions over the past 37 years, including: administrator, department head, fieldwork coordinator, clinician (medical model), teacher/therapist (educational model), consultant to private schools, and private practice therapist. Given increasingly more requests for servicing children outside of these settings, I made the decision to work exclusively as a private practitioner, allowing me to devote my time to providing the very highest quality occupational therapy services, and to making a significant difference in the lives of children, parents, and families.

I love the field of occupational therapy, with the principles and practices embedded in every fiber of my being and present in every aspect of my life. Balancing meaningful activity/occupation with creativity, playfulness, problem-solving, and connection/relationship brings health and happiness. No wonder I love celebrating and supporting children through occupational therapy!