1. Body-EngineSoften the lights.
  1. Give a hug or give yourself a hug.
  1. Minimize visual and auditory stimulation, particularly alerting activities.
  1. Create a cozy “chill out” space or “time-in” space or a “relaxation space.”
  1. Be aware of temperature and make adaptations accordingly… open a window, turn on a fan, remove a sweatshirt. Be sure the child hasn’t over-heated.
  1. Hum along to a song or hum your own tune.
  1. Enjoy soft, slow, rhythmical background music, particularly with no words.
  1. Repeat an affirmation rhythmically, such as “It’ll be okay. It’ll be okay, it’ll be okay…..” (no other talking on ANYONE’S part until everyone is very calm.)
  1. Dampen extraneous noises by closing the door or putting headphones on or removing oneself to quiet environment.
  1. “Swaddle” by rolling in a blanket or curling up under heavy blankets.
  1. Have someone cuddle, rub or rhythmically pat the back firmly.
  1. Apply deep pressure with cushions or bean bag chair.
  1. Sit in a rocking chair, bouncy chair, or on a ball chair.
  1. Jumping activities, inclusive of jump roping, jumping jacks, or trampoline-jumping.
  1. Do wall or chair push-ups.
  1. Suck on hard candy, lollypop, or milkshake. A straw requires increased sucking.
  1. Chew on crunchy foods, like carrot sticks, apples, goldfish or pretzels.
  1. Blow whistles and march to music.
  1. Blow bubbles.
  1. Deep Breathing….. ahhhhh.


– From “Integrations” Bright Ideas